Warner Brothers looking for 'anti piracy intern' or 'cyber grass'

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warnerbrother.jpgThe war on copyright infringers has just stepped up another notch. Global entertainment giant Warner Brothers have placed an advert for a £17,000-a-year job at their London headquarters for an “Anti-Piracy Intern”.

The job will involve scouring message boards, issuing copyright infringement notices, monitoring BitTorrent sites and generally searching for those pesky illegal downloaders who are supposedly syphoning millions off Warner Brothers exorbitant profits.

A successful applicant will need knowledge of FTP and IRC, and “peer to peer networking”. They should also have “web experience” — which is improbably vague.

Basically you’ll be a little Internet grass. The modern equivalent of a TV license van, except as opposed to staking out student flats from a transit van, you’ll be sat in an office looking at a screen.

We’d kind of got it into our heads that Warner Brothers would have a whole copyright infringement department, working on Minority Report-esque screens, building up a database of infringers, who as soon as legislation is passed, they’d send very strongly worded letters to.

It might be a bit late in the day, but shouldn’t we boycott this job? We know the recession has crippled the job market, but come on. It’d be great.

[Via The Register]

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