Sky's 3D TV service set to work with both passive and active 3D sets

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Migrating to new tech always tends to bring with it some compatibility issues between devices, but thankfully Sky seem to have ironed out any possible problems with their upcoming Sky 3D service.

The satellite TV giants sent out a message today, reiterating that “Sky 3D, its forthcoming 3D TV service and Europe’s first 3D TV channel, will be compatible with all 3D TVs being introduced by Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and LG.  Sky 3D will work with both ‘active’ and ‘passive’ 3D formats.” That means that no matter what new 3D TV set you get, Sky have pretty much got you covered.

Dont fret if you’re already a Sky+ HD subscriber but are not planning on upgrading your set just yet. Sky’s HD content already available will not be affected by the additional 3D channels.

Look for Sky 3D to roll out sometime over the summer. For more info, click here.

Gerald Lynch
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