Shout'em lets you create your own private social networks

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shoutem.jpgHere’s a really nifty tool for those looking to start their own private social networks away from the masses of Twitter and Facebook users. Shout’em enables users to easily and quickly create their own mobile social networks that are private, targeted to niche groups and location-based.

Using a mixture of web tools and mobile apps for iPhone, BlackBerry or soon Android too, Shout’em lets users create networks without any knowledge of programming, with networks up and running within just minutes of getting started.

Once you’ve got your network going, you can include a host of location-aware features, include camera and upload functions, and also manage those who have access to your network.

Sergio Lilavois used Shout’em to found the WE Harlem network in the USA:  “Twitter is too big, with Shoutem we can keep it focused. Shoutem is the best fit for what we are looking for: good features and  reliable technology.  I like the flow of Shoutem: it is not complicated and people can easily see what to do,” Lilavois said.

“It’s a very user-friendly interface.  People spend a lot of their time communicating on their mobiles.   50% of the time I’m logged into Shoutem myself it’s from my mobile device.  It’s great that there’s a mobile application for Shoutem, not just an API.  It’s meant we haven’t needed to develop it ourselves.”

Click here to give Shout’em a try, free of charge.

Gerald Lynch
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