Panasonic's US 3D TV batch sells out in a week

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panasonic3d.jpgYou may still be undecided whether or not you’re going to invest in a new 3D TV, but it seems that Americans (or at least a select, wealthy few with money to spare) are totally ready for the 3rd dimension. Panasonic have apparently sold out of thier entire first batch of 3D TVs on US soil after just a week.

Despite there still being a lack of 3D content to deliver to these 3D enabled sets, Panasonic had no trouble shifting the screens, glasses and 3D Blu-Ray players, even with a hefty $2,899 (£1,897) price tag for the screen.

Hitoshi Otsuki, Senior Managing Director for Panasonic’s overseas operations, said, “It’s a great opportunity to turn around our TV business.”

Via: The Next Web

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  • You mean to tell me 3D televisions have finally been invited. I also would like one of these TV’s, but I’m guessing it’ll cost way too much to start with.

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