Nanopoint launch the KSK-3200RF wireless mini keyboard

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KSK-3200RF.jpgNanopoint have today unveiled their new mini qwerty keyboard, the KSK-3200RF. Billed as the “perfect conference” companion, the wireless keyboard also features a built in trackball for navigating PCs and browsers without a mouse.

Measuring just 29cm x 20cm and weighing just 245g, it’s small and light enough to carry in one hand. The inbuilt wireless gear can work from ranges up to ten metres, while the keyboard’s batteries can be recharged via USB with the included cable.

It may be a little on the titchy side for any lenghty word processing, but the KSK-3200RF is perfect for a spot of big screen web browsing on your TV with either a PS3 or a netbook hooked up.

The new KeySonic range is available now from Amazon, ebuyer, Scan, CCL and ARIA PC. The KSK-3200RF costs £34.99, and you can grab some more details by heading over to the keyboard’s web page at

Gerald Lynch
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  • I like it.
    Plus it’s like a keyboard and mixing deck in one. Sorry for the pun but that’s the first thing that came to mind.
    It has potential also.

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