Google Android TV on the way from Google, Intel and Sony

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google tv.jpgGoogle are looking to enter the market of televisions, with a new internet enabled TV jointly developed by themselves, Sony and Intel.

While many households have yet to buy into internet connected TVs, Google believe there are big bucks to be made from the emerging technology. Looking to strike while the iron is hot, they’re planning on rolling out Sony-built set-top boxes and televisions with their Android platform at the heart.

With Android on board, the TVs will have access to Google’s complete range of web apps, as well as applications developed by third-party developers.

If the thought of tapping out tweets and emails on a TV remote sounds a bit clunky, Logitech will also be getting involved, creating a range of peripherals to complement the connected nature of the sets. This includes a remote control with a small QWERTY keyboard attached.

It’s an exciting development, and we’ll bring you more news on this as it is inevitable announced. But with the Nexus One phone selling rather poorly, are Google perhaps putting their fingers in too many pies at the moment?

Via: NY Times

Gerald Lynch
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