CERN completes first proton smash


LHC.jpgTwitter has been a’buzzing this morning with news of the Large Hadron Collider‘s first full day of full-pelt collisions.

LHC was trending hard, as everyone was getting in on the act as CERN tweeted its way to the full 7 TeV collision velocity.

Choice tweet included:

Physicists hold their breath in the control room of the #LHC (in no way disconcerting)

Operators are stabilizing the beams… yes, we’ll attempt to collide them soon!

Final sequence for collapsing is starting!

Now stabilizing the beams

Experiment have seen collisions!!!!!!!!!!!

What I loved about it was the way exclamation mark etiquette went completely out of window once collisions started happening.

You could also follow the event on the LHC dashboard and on a live webcast. The thing we found so impressive was how open the whole process was. The LHC team used social media in a way that no one ever has before and the levels of engagement they got from around the world was just-deserved.

Prof Brian Cox will be surely a happy man tonight as the world tweets itself into a frenzy over physics.

We’ll let you know the results as soon as we get them.

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