Auto-Trader app brings augmented reality features to second-hand car hunting

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On the hunt for a second hand car and happen to have an iPhone 3GS at your disposal? Then you should check out the brand new Auto-Trader app, which packs in a few nifty augmented reality features to help speed up the process.

By taking a picture whilst out and about of a car that you like, and cropping the image to leave just the licence plate number, the app will use your iPhone’s GPS and 3G connections to search for similar models for sale nearby.

You can also search for average prices of the car you’re after, as well as storing model numbers under a garage tab to check later if any new cars have popped up for sale at a later date. You can also use CarVeto to check car history online for free.

Click here to pick up the Auto Trader app, free of charge.


Gerald Lynch
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