Silhouette Virtual Mirror app headed to iPhone

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virtual mirror app.JPGRimless eye wear specialists Silhouette are releasing a brand new app for the iPhone. The Virtual Mirror app will let you try out a load of different glasses styles by overlaying them onto a picture of yourself.

If you’re having a bad hair day or want to check out how the glasses would look on a friend, there are various models pre-installed on the app, happy to be made to look a bit “Dennis Taylor” for your entertainment.

There’s also a power-user mode, where shaking the iPhone will scroll you through several test models quickly. Once you’ve settled on a pair, you can then send a preview picture to your friends via email to see if it passes their exacting taste standards.

You can grab the app for free here.

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  • The Iphone is a pretty piece of hardware, but the only parts of it that are developed by Apple are the software parts and the physical design. All the protocols and the radio stuff is developed on a whole other level by actual engineers, not the almighty Steve and his designer cohorts.

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