O2 launch sim only iPhone tariff


2 - Apple for the iPhoneO2 are set to launch a new sim only iPhone tariff.

For £15 a month on a 12 month rolling contract, users get access to visual voicemail, 300 minutes, unlimited text messages, data and Wi-Fi usage.

A 30-day rolling contract is also available from £20, with the same perks as listed above, but with the added flexibility of a short term contract costing a little extra.

“Customers’ habits are changing, with more texts being sent and data being used than ever before. We have listened to our customers and introduced a range of new tariffs with unlimited calls, texts and data offering real value for money. We have always been the home for texts and now want to extend that to being home for data.” said Sally Cowdry, O2 Marketing Director.

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Gerald Lynch
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  • We have always been the home for texts and now want to extend that to being home for data.”

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  • I guess high internet data allowances are important for any smartphone so it’s good to see some sensible plans for the iPhone that cater for this. It’s important to remember though that there are different iPhone SIM only contracts dependent on the type of iPhone you have. The iPhone 4 needs a plan with a micro SIM whereas the iPhone 3GS or earlier models need standard SIM cards.

  • It is great that O2 are now supplying iPhone sim only deals. This means greater competition and the consumer wins.

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  • I saw on the news that the money they dumped at Shire was fake, to represent the money he had raised. It wasn’t the actual money.

  • All the networks need to sit up and take notice becasue unless they offer a dedicated iPhone SIM only plan they will get left behind. I’m looking at you Virgin Mobile! According to this iPhone sim only comparison table it’s only them and 3 that are lagging.

  • I have an iPhone sim only tariff now and am saving loads of money each month with the same amount of minutes and text that I was getting on the old contract from O2 that I had. What with the new iPhone 4 coming out now, i think that it’s a good idea to make it available SIM free so that people actually have a choice on what network they use. It also gives the opportunity to change and also to sell the phone further down the line if need be.

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