MSI GX640 and GX740 gaming laptops offer "Obscene performance"

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msi gx740.jpgMSI have announced the launch of two new gaming laptop models. The 15 inch GX640 and 17 inch GX740 will offer “obscene performance”, according to MSI.

Despite being fairly svelte (the larger GX740 weighs just 3.2kg and is only 2.8cmm thick), both are powered by nifty Intel Core i5 processors.

Also under the hood are ATi Mobility Radeon HD5870 and HD5850 3D graphics cards with full Direct X 11 support that should see you through a quick game of Crysis or AvP. There’s also GDDR5 memory, 4GB RAM, 640GB hard drives, Blu-ray, SRS 7.1 channel audio output and a selection of card readers.

Along with MSI’s Cinema Pro tech, optimised for HD movie viewing, the GX740 model also offers two hi-fi 3D speakers above the keyboard, another two along the front edge and a woofer for the full portable cinema experience.

Prices for the pair start at £999. We’ll have more info on these closer to their March release.

Gerald Lynch
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