Logitech Wireless MK710 keyboard and mouse bundle boasts 3 year battery

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These days you can hook a keyboard and mouse up to anything from a games console to even a few hacked smartphones. Still, it’s a chore fumbling around behind your desktop PC for a tangle of mouse and keyboard wires, so wireless gear is essential for a mobile set-up.

But boy, do they drain batteries. Logitech seem to have answered that bugbear with their MK710 Desktop keyboard and mouse bundle. They claim their gear can run for THREE YEARS without changing the batteries.

Connecting to a Unifying Receiver dongle, the mouse and keyboard aren’t without their fair share of features either. There’s a status-displaying LCD on the keyboard, which also sports comfortable Incurve keys and a squishy palm rest. The mouse itself has a frictionless scroll wheel, numerous side buttons and side-to-side navigation.

The Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710 is available now, priced $99.99.

Via: Logitech Blog

Gerald Lynch
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