Guardian introduce Zeitgeist content trending page

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Zeitgeist.jpgHere’s an interesting new feature from They’ve this week introduced their Zeitgeist page, a collage of popular content from their site organised by “social signals”.

Each article to be featured on the Zeitgeist page is first judged by the websites linking to it, how often it has been posted on social networking sites, and the other pages that readers have visited before and after reaching the Guardian site. The stories that attract the most attention by midnight each day are then organised into colour-coded blocks as a visual guide to what the hottest trending stories are.

“This is an alternative way of exploring things on the Guardian site which are currently getting attention from our readers. Front pages and section fronts, curated by editors, are traditionally a great way of seeing what’s important – in terms of news agenda, recency or big themes. Zeitgeist provides an alternative, emerging, community-curated view on what’s currently interesting on our site,” Meg Pickard and Dan Catt, who have been working on the project, told

The page is still in the early development stages, but it’s looking promising already. Check it out here.

Gerald Lynch
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