Google Nexus One turns up for sale on Play UK

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google nexus have just posted a listing for Google’s Nexus One smartphone. SIM-free, Play are confident that the Android-powered phone will be shipping on 16th February.

The Nexus One uses Qualcomm’s 1GHz Snapdragon chipset, sports a 3.7inch touch screen and runs Android 2.1. It has the latest versions of all Google’s core apps, so you get an upgraded version of Google Earth which has a 3D style quality, Gmail, Google Voice and Google Maps. It also obviously has access to the ever growing Android app store and comes with voice recognition software which lets users speak emails and tweets.

Excited? Well hold on to your credit cards for just one second. Play are listing the Nexus One for £599.99. However, Google USA have been shipping the smartphone for a little while now for $580 complete with shipping costs and a UK adaptor. That converts to a mere £370.

Looks like Play are really cashing in on being the first to the UK market here, so keep that in mind before you part with your money.

Check Play’s Google Nexus One listing here.

Gerald Lynch
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  • The price was too high having in mind the big failure that phone was. The idea was good but they shouldn’t have put any restrictions.

  • Gee!That sum is far from cheap for me. Do you think there are any chance the price has gone down now?

  • You need to add 17.5% vat to that $580 as DHL will be sure to invoice you, but £435 is still cheaper.

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