Cross-game chat on the PS3 to be subscription-based only?

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ps3-slim.jpgAccording to the US Official PlayStation magazine, the PS3 may well soon be getting cross-game chat capabilities, thanks to a PlayStation Network update. However, the feature may be set to come at a price, limited to those who take on Sony’s rumoured subscription charges.

The article noted that, “Aside from the 3D goodness, cross-game party chat is the obvious ‘next big feature’, even though it might be restricted to paid [PSN] subscribers.”

It also stated: “Sony’s current service is one of the PS3’s best features, so we’d begrudgingly welcome a revamped PSN with extra subscriber functionality, like cross-game-chat and exclusive PSN downloads.”

Cross-game chat has been open to Xbox-Live subscribers for quite some time, though the Xbox-Live Gold experience is subscription based.

And while a subscription service for Sony’s console is likely on the cards, the PS3 makers stress it would not afect any of the content that is already available for free, just extras should the user want them. Such extras are even rumoured to include unlimited PSP and PS1 downloads, which could be a pretty big incentive should Sony choose to include it.

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  • I think this is great, it would be better if it is free but as long as we get it, it’s a step up from what we had in the past.

  • cross game chat who really cares it would be so confuzing it would muck up Mag no end it’s piontless
    and if it dus goahead then it should and must be free for two resons 1 a free psn is one of the seling points of PS3 2 it will piss of Microshoft even more and be yet one more reson why PS3 is far far better.

  • I’d Welcome the choice either free PSN or a subscription based service with incentives to do so.
    I use my PS3 alot , I’d especially welcome apps. such VoD choice apart from the Video store we already have and BBC I player , perhaps something like a portal to LoveFilm , intergrated Google BUZZ and twitter as well as the already popular Facebook , Cross game chat is a bit over-rated theres only a around 10 times in two years that I’ve felt the need to use this. a Firefox browser would be nice though as the standard one is a bit pants.

  • At least PS3 owners have the choice. XBox owners have no choice, and forced to pay for X-Game chat because they have to pay to play online.

  • I think its wrong to have to play online, yes we have a choice but still. We still pay for the internet dont we.

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