New Call of Duty game headed to Vietnam?

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full metal jacket thumb.jpgAccording to VG247, rumour has it that the next classic Call of Duty title by Treyarch away from the Modern Warfare spin-off franchise could be set during the Vietnam war.

There’s certainly plenty of evidence to suggest its true. A job posting looking for a candidate with experience on the Call of Duty games and the ability to do some accurate historical research was put up by the developer, and it’s rumoured Activision have been sniffing around for the licences to some ‘Nam era rock n’ roll tunes.

While it’s always a sort of a moral catch-22 to say you’re excited by a historical war setting in a game, Vietnam is something of an untapped goldmine in modern gaming.

And I have to admit, I do love me the smell of napalm in the morning.

Via: VG247

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