CES 2010: EarVibe vibrating earphones on the way from Technocel

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earvibe.jpgIf you’re the sort of person who gets a kick out of the stomach churning-sensation you get when standing next to loud, bass-y speakers, these EarVibe earphones from Technocel might interest you.

Once the low-end frequencies of your favourite tracks kick in, these bad boys start to vibrate in your ear, giving the impression of being up the front at a big gig or a loud club.


Not sure how that could possibly improve sound quality, but Technocel assure us that it really does, and that it’s more than just a gimmick.

The earphones also feature a hands free voice kit, useful for when you’re bombing down the strip in your Lowrider probably. Or not.

EarVibes will be available from January 15th, priced $29.99 at www.technocel.com.

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