CES 2010: Lenovo ready Skylight smartbook

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If you’re looking for the missing link between your netbook and your smartphone, then you should be checking out the new smartbook concepts doing the rounds at this year’s CES. Falling somewhere between your smartphone and laptop, the Lenovo Skylight is one of the most attractive smartbooks we’ve yet seen. But do you really need one?

Not much thicker than your average smartphone, the skylight manages to pack in a 10 inch HD screen and a max battery charge of a very respectable ten hours. There’s also an integrated USB stick which slides tidily away just under the screen.

Under the hood is a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, with built in Wi-Fi and 3G meaning you’re always web connected, which is particularly handy, as the sleek interface makes ample use of live web gadgets such as Gmail, Twitter and YouTube.

I’m always one for gap-bridging devices but smartbooks have me a little stumped. Do I really need a gadget that isn’t as versatile as a netbook but more portable, and yet more powerful than a smartphone but too big to fit in my pocket?

We wont have to wait long to find out; expect the Lenovo Skylight to hit stores in the Spring.

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