Guardian iPhone app hits 70,000 downloads in a month

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Guardian iphone app.jpgThe Guardian newspaper’s iPhone/iPod touch app has proved incredibly popular. Available to readers in most European countries and also Australia, Canada and the US, it’s racked up a massive 70,000 downloads in a single month on sale.

The Guardian app features news feeds, comments, features, galleries and audio content from It has an easily browsed UI which probably didn’t hurt sales, and neither did the ability to catch up with news offline too.

Emily Bell, Director of Digital Content, Guardian News & Media, said: “We are thrilled with our download figures for the first month of the app. The feedback we have received from users has been excellent, yet also extremely informative in terms of features and functionality that can be improved in the future. Over the Christmas break the app became available in many areas of mainland Europe, as well as in Canada and Australia for the first time, so we hope our global audiences will enjoy using the app as well.”

It’s certainly an impressive figure. 70,000 apps downloaded at £2.39 a pop makes £167,000 in the bank by my calculations. With so many people getting their daily news fix not only online but on their mobiles too, it’ll be interesting to see the daily circulation figures for the Guardian’s print format.

The Guardian app can be picked up here.

Gerald Lynch
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