Five apps to get for your Vodafone iPhone

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iphone-apps.jpgSo you’ve just picked yourself up a new iPhone on Vodafone and you’re looking to fill it up with these new-fangled app thingies that everyone keeps going on about. Not sure what to get? Then You’ve come to the right place. Here’s Tech Digest’s guide to five of the best iPhone apps to get you started.



The daddy of music-streaming services, Spotify is changing the way we get to our favourite music. With a library of millions of songs, the Spotify iPhone app lets you browse the entire catalogue, allowing you to set up play lists and buffer them offline, or grab them on the go over the air using a 3G connection. Subscription fees apply, but once you start using Spotify, you’ll never look back.


Guardian iphone app.jpg

It’s only been out a month, but it’s proving to be massively popular, already topping 70,000 downloads. The Guardian app features news feeds, comments, features, galleries and audio content form It’s got a clean and easy-to-browse UI, and cen be viewed offline too.



One of, if not the best Twitter clients for the iPhone. Tweetie lets you handle multiple Twitter accounts at once, live- filter your tweet stream, has an offline mode and a fully integrated landscape mode, as well as all the basic Twitter functions you are used to and more.



Layar is an augmented reality app, using your iPhone camera and GPS tracking to overlay digital content onto the world around you, via your handset’s screen. Point it at a restaurant, and Layar will tell you all the table booking information, prices and offers, for example. Using web sites as “layers” of information, if you cant find what you were looking for first time, a quick swipe of the finger will give you information from another web address instead. The app is undergoing some maintenance at the moment, but expect to find it back online in the near future.

Around Me


AroundMe allows you to quickly found out information about your surroundings. It will help direct you to the nearest bank, bar, restaurant , petrol garage, hospital, hotel, cinema, supermarket, taxi rank and theatre by locating where you are, and then mapping a route for you on Google Maps.

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