CES 2010: Samsung ready N-range netbooks

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samsung n range.jpgSamsung have bolstered their already-robust range of netbooks by announcing today at CES 2010 the launch of a brand new N-range of portable Pcs.

Of the four new netbooks on show, most impressive were the N210 and N220, with batteries managing a whopping 12 hours of web browsing from a single charge. Samsung’s other two offerings, the NB30 and N150 manage a respectable 11 and 8 and a half hours of battery life respectively.

The snazzy netbooks keep their glossy sheen thanks to scratch-resistant cover surfaces and feature an alert signal to deter any thieves planning on nabbing your hard earned gear. Remote access to an office PC is also possible thanks to an intuitive One-Click syncing system.

The high battery life comes at a price though; the N-range packs in eco-conscious Atom chips, great for power saving, but not as fast as dual core chips found in pricier models.

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