CES 2010: Microsoft's Ballmer announces the HP Slate

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A beacon of hope in an otherwise drab Microsoft keynote at this year’s CES, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unvilied the HP Slate, a touchscreen tablet PC that the two companies have been working closely together on.

“It’s a beautiful little product,” Ballmer said, showing off a “prototype of a coming HP slate PC.”

“Slate PCs that will be rolling into the marketplace this year [are] perfect for reading, for surfing the Web and for taking entertainment on the go,” he said.

It may not be the Courier that many were hoping for, but the HP Slate looks to be a slick tablet PC in its own right.

With only a prototype on show here at CES 2010, there’s still no pricing, availability or hardcore specification details ready yet. We’ll wing them your way as soon as we have them.

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Gerald Lynch
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