CES 2010: Light Blue Optic's Light Touch turns any surface into a touchscreen

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The beauty of CES is that it can throw up little gems from the most unexpected of places. Ever heard of Light Blue Optics? Nope, neither had we. But after taking a look at their Light Touch interactive projector, we expect to be hearing a whole lot more about them in the coming months.

In a nutshell, the Light Touch can turn any flat surface into a touchscreen. Wall, floor, book, road, Steve Ballmer’s head, you name it; shine the Light Touch onto it and you’ve got yourself a touchscreen.

The Light Touch uses a laser based pico projection engine dubbed the HLP (holographic laser projection) system coupled with an infrared touch sensitive sensor to get the job done. It’s remarkably accurate for a product still in the development stages, with the screen pretty much as responsive as a capacitive touch-screen you’d find on a high-end smartphone.

It also comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, 2GB of storage expandable to 32GB with Micro SD, and runs Adobe Flash Lite 3.1, which is great news for developers interested in getting involved.

There’s limitless potential here; restaurant menus, tube maps, etc etc. Consider us officially very excited.

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