CES 2010 – Panasonic's 3D camera video

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pana 3d camera.jpgThis is the camera that the adult entertainment industry has been waiting for. It is a budget (well $21k is much cheaper than the proper pro models) twin lens 3D camera that is small, lightweight and according to its maker looks like something Disney would have come up with.

It works with right and left Full HD video streams will be recorded as files on SDHC/SD Memory Cards.

Not sure who is going to buy it (apart from the obvious) but it is the start of a journey for 3D cameras which, who knows, may eventually see them ending up as something us consumers use. You’ll be able to buy one by the end of the year, but you will need to order it.

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  • I am sure it won’t be me who is going to buy it but there are a lot of rich people who would be glad to have a toy like that.

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