Apple Tablet to get webcam and 3G?

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L’interview politique de Jean-Pierre Elkabbach
by Europe1fr

The inevitable slip-up before the unveiling-storm this one: France Telecom CEO Stephane Richard has made a bit of a blunder, apparently revealing some details of the top-secret Apple Tablet device.

When questioned in an interview about the device (also known as the iSlate) Richard answers “Yes” to a question about Apple launching a webcam-packing tablet. He also answers “Sure” to a question asking whether or not Orange subscribers will be able use the device, suggesting 3G capabilities (or perhaps more obviously that anyone with enough moolah can pick one up in some shape or form).

Not convinced? Check out the video above to see for yourself, though you might want to have your French dictionary handy if you can’t speak the lingo.

If anyone was to have a clue on the specs of the Tablet, Richard would be as likely as any. As France Telecom also own Orange, the CEO also helped to broker the deal which gave Orange exclusive rights to the iPhone in France. To say he’s “well in” over at Apple is a bit of an understatement.

Pretty close to “fact” then this rumour. Still, we wont expect to have to wait long for the answer: Apple are said to be unveiling the Tablet on January 27th, so keep your eyes peeled until then.

Gerald Lynch
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