CES 2010: £125 Freescale tablet ready "by Summer"

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freescale smartbook concept.jpgWhile we wait with baited breath for announcements concerning the “dead-cert” rumour that is the Apple tablet, Freescale are looking to generate some pre-CES buzz by claiming they will have a “smartbook” tablet ready by the summer of this year.

Freescale revealed a reference design for their tablet, running their low-power ARM-based processor, featuring a 7 inch touchscreen and capable of running either Google’s Android or Linux.

If aiming to be the first smartbook tablet on the market wasn’t a grandiose claim enough, Freescale also revealed that they would aim to price their kit at less than $200 (around the £125 mark).

Freescale claim such a tablet could be the “missing link” between smartphones and PCs. Senior vice president of sales Henri Richard said “The PC has been stale in terms of its ability to innovate. Smartphones have been making progress … but they have limitations”.

The chipmaker’s hardware is already in numerous devices, with their application processor helping to power the Amazon Kindle.

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Via: Reuters

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