Volume cap headed to iPod and MP3 players

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ipod_touch_collection.jpgA new EU restriction may see the volume levels across all iPods and MP3 players capped.

EU officials believe that as many as 10 million EU residents risk permanent damage to their hearing from listening to music played too loudly from personal music players.

Officials are looking to bring the maximum volume level for all music players down to no more than 85 decibels, which they claim is equal to the noise produced by a busy city street.

However, Tony Graziano of DigitalMusic has dammed the restricitons. He said: “85dB would not be appropriate because noise coming from traffic, engines and so on would obliterate the sound. The solution must lie in a balance between safety and enjoyment of the product by the consumer.”

However, the plans suggest that while such lowered volume levels would be the default setting for new players, users could override the cap in the system settings.

Apple has already lowered the maximum volume levels on its iPod range once before, bringing the maximum volume level down to 100db.

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Gerald Lynch
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  • Hi Gerald: Appreciate the info on lowering decibel levels on iPods and MP3 players. As someone living with tinnitus and having a website dedicated to it, I have a special interest in the subject. I would also like to know if the Google image preceding your blog is copyrighted or not? I would like to use it on my site. Please respond.

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