EA's Need For Speed, Spore Creatures and the Simpsons headed to the iPhone

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EA have today announced that it plans to release versions of three of its flagship gaming properties onto the iPhone. Need For Speed Shift, Spore Creatures and the Simpsons Arcade represent months of EA honing their skills developing for the platform and are some of the most fully realised games we’ve yet seen for the iPhone.

Need For Speed Shift


Need for Speed Shift is a racing title taking full advantage of the iPhone 3GS and the Open GL ES 2.0, making for some pretty incredible graphics that could rival even Sony’s PSP. It will still however run on older iPhone models. Using the accelerometer, players tilt the iPhone to steer and tap the screen to break. Don’t be fooled by the simple controls however; Need For Speed Shift looks set to be a hardcore simulation, with 28 career mode races, 20 licensed cars and 3G/Bluetooth multiplayer.

Spore Creatures


Spore Creatures lets you design a small prehistoric organism and raise him out of the rock pool and up onto the evolutionary ladder. You can choose to either be an aggressive creature, eating other animals and gaining DNA, or be a friendly socialiser, evolving through your advanced intelligence. It’s a top down 2D game with 30 levels and plenty of unlockables.

Simpsons Arcade


Simpsons Arcade is basically a 2D sides roller in the same vein as Streets of Rage or Final Fight. However, EA have made excellent use of the licence here, with Homer and co animated just as you’d expect to see them in the animated series. Many of the cast of Springfield get involved as Homer goes off in search of his stolen donut, which contains a mysterious secret that all of Springfield’s unsavoury characters want to get their hands on.

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