Could 3D Blu-ray be ready by summer 2010? Nvidia think so

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3d nvidia.JPGNvidia’s PR manager for the UK and Northern Europe, Ben Berraondo, has announced that 3D Blu-ray movies may be availalbe from as early as summer 2010.

Berraondo confirmed that after months of heated talks, the Blu-ray Association had finally settled on “proper parameters [for] what constitutes a 3D Blu-ray” and said that movie fans would be able to purchase 3D films “towards the end of Summer 2010”.

Nvidia’s 3D Vision Technology will be capable of displaying the newly agreed upon standard, with Berraondo stating that bit rates of around 60Mbits will be used in the new flicks. HDMI 1.3 should be capable of smooth playback, with the MVC-AVC format used for encoding.

However, Berraonodo did suggest that most people may have to upgrade their existing hardware to be able to watch the new 3D flicks. Most HD TVs currently available run at a 60 Hz refresh rate, whilst a 120 Hz TV would be necessary to view the 3D films. A Blu-ray drive capable of reading at 2x speed will also be needed.

PS3 owners may be the best prepared for viewing 3D Blu-ray content. No costly add-ons here it seems; thanks to the console’s discrete Nvidia GPU (based on the GeForce 7800), a mere firmware upgrade may be all that’s necessary to go 3D with Sony’s machine.

That said, everyone will still have to shell out for Nvidia’s silly shutter glasses.

Via: PC Pro

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