Cello launch iViewer HD TV range with built in BBC iPlayer

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cello iViewer.JPGUK based TV manufacturers Cello launched their new iViewer TV range today.

Available in 32″ and 26″ sizes, the TV’s are the first in the country to have BBC’s iPlayer built in. Through a wireless or Ethernet connection, users can stream content straight from BBC’s online platform onto their televisions, as well as offering widgets for news feeds, various web TV channels and YouTube content.

Web TV channels currently supported include Disney Movies Preview, Movie Rush, Autocar Magazine, Sky Sports Boots and All, the CNN daily video podcast, Jamie’s Ministry of Food, Delicious TV Veg, Revision 3 Diggnation and the Larry King video podcast.

Users can also stream video and other media content directly from a networked PC to the Cello iViewer TV.

In terms of picture quality, the 32″ 16:9 model will be capable of displaying full HD 1080p video, with a contrast ratio of 3000:1, and will include a pre-installed Freeview tuner. The 26 incher will also have a built in Freeview tuner, with a 1080i HD ready video output and a contrast ratio of 800:1.

Tech Digest got to have a quick play around with the 32″ model this morning and was impressed by the clear UI and simple navigation controls. The iViewer software has a dedicated remote button, and with plenty of connectivity options on the back, including two HDMI slots, two USB slots, composite/component inputs and a built in DVD player, £499 seems a very reasonable price. £399 will bag you the 26″ model.

Though it’s not a feature Cello are keen to officially promote (as they cannot guarantee its quality), the industrious among you can even hook up a keyboard and mouse and access a modest web-browser hidden within the iViewer software.

If Cello can keep updating the onboard Onyx software with content and fresh widgets, the iViewer TV could be the perfect bedroom telly.

Keep an eye out for these Marks and Spencer’s exclusives within the next week.

UPDATE:Tech Digest have a full review of the Cello iViewer set here.

Gerald Lynch
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