The BBC social media editor with no Twitter account


There’s a fantastic story breaking via Twitter – we’ll give the credit to @smartamatt but others might have picked it up before him.

Yesterday the BBC announced the appointment of its first social media editor. Now it goes without saying that to understand social media it is best to be a practitioner – you know get involved with the medium. So it is kind of surprising that the guy the beeb has appointed, a fella called Alex Gubbay is a bit of a social media nomad.

He may have great credentials at working in the corporation – he has been Sports News Editor for BBC Sport – but given that his new role is all about managing the User Generated Content hub within BBC Newswire you would have thought that he would have been a hard core blogger or at least have a Twitter account.

Well I can’t find a blog and as for a Twitter account – well there’s this – – which has one post saying that:

Excited about taking on Social Media Editor role for BBC News from January. Lots to build on and open to suggestions and ideas…

Is this another example of a state funded broadcaster with no real intention of engaging with social media except for its own ends giving jobs for the boys?

You decide…

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