Second worm hits jailbroken iPhones

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iphone-1.jpgIt would appear that worms are like busses; it is ages before you see one, then two come along nearly at once. It was a little over a week ago that we reported on the annoying-though-mostly-harmless Rick-rolling worm. It’s now been followed by a far nastier worm that hunts out all your important bank details.

Working on the same principles as the previous worm, jailbroken iPhones with SSH installed are the handsets at risk. The worm has the potential to give remote control of your iPhone to the naughty hacker, who then throws up a dodgy ING Direct log in screen to trick you into handing over your details.

So far reported cases have been isolated to the Netherlands. However, unlike the Rick Astley worm, this one can spread over a WiFi network. Jalibroken iPhone owners, be on your guard…

Gerald Lynch
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