giffgaff announce pricing plans for "people-powered" network

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giffgaff, the brand new “people-powered” mobile phone network have revealed their pricing plans, and very reasonable they are too.

Here’s a quick low-down on the most important details:

  • To giffgaff mobiles, texts, pictures messages, call forwarding and video calls: £0.00
  • Other UK mobiles and landlines, call forwarding: £0.08
  • Other UK mobiles and landlines texts: £0.04
  • Voice mail per call: £0.08
  • Handset browsing (for 6 month from launch): £0.00 per MB
  • Picture messages to other mobiles: £0.16
  • Video calls to other mobiles: £0.50
  • Call forwarding to other mobiles and landlines: £0.08

While charges will apply in 6 months time, free data usage for the near future seems very generous.

As previously reported, giffgaff users can earn themselves free calls and data for a year by renting a kooky tool, making a viral video and spreading it online. The best efforts will also be in with a chance of winning £5,000.

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