"People-powered" mobile network giffgaff launching next week

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giffgaff, the new “people-powered” mobile network, is set to launch on 25th November.

In a novel approach to mobile network operating, users who go out of their way help promote the service will be rewarded with free calls, texts and mobile broadband. You scratch giffgaff’s back and they will scratch yours, so to speak.

To help in this process, giffgaff users can hire “tools” to take out and use to introduce the world to the giffgaff brand. They are pretty wacky; radio controlled baseball shoes, a three-person “Cuddle Monster” suit for handing out hugs. Users upload videos making use of the crazy gear, and are then rewarded by becoming a V.I.G member (a Very Important Giffgaffer), eligible then for all the freebies.

There is even a cash reward of £5,000 for the best videos uploaded.

For more information, check out http://giffgaffnews.com/

Gerald Lynch
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