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FingertipsFingertips is a new free news service which allows its users to build a customised newspaper, delivering only the stories they are interested in.

It’s a pretty simple set-up. Create a few log-in details, select a few categories and columnists you are interested in and Fingertips presents the latest news based on your preferences. It’s a clean and uncluttered site and is certainly easy to navigate.

Fingertips gathers its news from over 300 sources, and delivers updated content to its users in real time.

Fingertips also features the News Buddies platform, the social element of the site where users can share opinions on the latest stories and open up discussions.

Similar in practice to news sites such as NetVibes and Meehive, Fingertips hope that its simpler interface will find favour with news readers worldwide.

“Fingertips is the most accessible site for people to enjoy their own personal mix of news and information”, says Ian Hambleton, founder of Fingertips. “So many personalised news sites are unnecessarily complicated and don’t have the everyday web user in mind. We really wanted to change that and appeal to a wider audience whatever their interest. And we’re really excited to deliver this to consumers for free.”

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