Wolfram Alpha develops pricey new iPhone app


alpha_keyboard.jpgHere’s a slightly odd one. Wolfram Alpha, who developed that innovative new search technology earlier in the year, has just unveiled an iPhone app for the site. The rub is that it costs a whopping (for an iPhone app anyhow) $50 and this in spite of the fact that a version of the site optimised for the iPhone is available for free.

The developers say that the new app is a lot more powerful than the website and is a load more easy to use too. It also has some innovative features like a joint QWERTY/numeric keypad, which bearing in mind that a lot of WA queries involve both numbers and words, makes perfect sense. Other facilities include the ability to optimise the app to suit your location, the option of bookmarking queries and easier emailing or sharing of queries.

The app is apparently aimed at student and teachers. Though the bad news for the latter is that it needs an Internet connection to work properly which may cuase an issue or two in the exam room. More here.

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