Spotify offline streaming arrives – but only for premium users


spotifyprem.jpgToday is a good one for Spotify premium service users – you know the ones who fork out £10 a month – for they will now be able to access their favourite music streaming service offline.

Basically the service will cache your music thereby letting you play it back when you are offline, which in some respects makes it a bit of a rival to iTunes. It is useful for when you are using a laptop and don’t have access to Wi-Fi, such as when you are travelling.

To set it up all Spotify premium users apparently have to do is to click the available offline button which is sited next to a personal playlists.

The quality of the cached music is identical to the streamed music at 160kbps, though a higher res 320kbps setting is available.

It would be fascinating to know how many paying subscribers Spotify has and whether the recent launch of iPhone and Android apps has made the significantly increased the number.

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