Sennheiser ready the MM 100 Stereo Bluetooth Music & Phone Headset

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Sennheiser MM 100Sennheiser’s new Bluetooth headphones, the MM 100 will use multi-point connectivity to connect to two devices at once, perfect for those who always have their phones and MP3 players on the go.

Using Bluetooth V2.0 EDR, the headset can connect up to a MP3 player and a mobile phone, allowing quick switching between both devices.

The headphones will also support hands free and have a battery life of 9 hours, rechargeable via USB.

Sennheiser are always pretty reliable when it comes to sonics, with the MM 100 set to feature a wide dynamic range and natural sound reproduction.

The MM 100 will cost around £129.99, and will be launched by O2 in November.

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  • I was furious because my headphones were stolen at the college cafe when I walked away from the table only for a minute. They were just great.

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