Need a Spotify invitation? They are also on eBay


Obviously sensible people hopped aboard the Spotify bandwagon early on and are now enjoying listening to those streamed albums and wonderfully annoying adverts.

However there are still many Britons who’d love to use the service but can’t as Spotify is limiting new customers to those who have invitations. More on this later today.

So what do you do if you can’t get hold of an invitation? Well surprise, surprise, you can score one on eBay. Unlike the Google Wave invites nestling on the site – which have scam written all over them – the Spotify invites appear to be fairly genuine. You can pick one up for less than a quid too which also reduces your outlay and the prospect of you being scammed. After all what kind of scammer would hope to make money by selling things for under a pound on EBay? Not a very bright one.

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