Four reasons why Tweetie 2 is the best Twitter iPhone app


tweetie 2.pngThere are lots of Twitter apps for the iPhone, Most of them are pretty basic. However there is one that is elegant, easy to use and has quite a few handy features and that is Tweetie. I have experimented with both Tweetdeck and Seesmic on the iPhone, but I keep coming back to Tweetie.

Well the really good news for Tweetie users, and in fact anyone who wants to keep up to date with Twitter on their iPhone, is that Tweetie 2 has just hit iTunes and it is a well thought out makeover of what was already a winning app.

Here are four reasons why it is so great.

1 It is just very simple to use – Download Tweetie 2, input your details and you are off. The latest tweets are then listed in a timeline that will be familiar to anyone who uses Twitter based PC apps, while the key user buttons – replies, mentions, search etc – are clustered together at the bottom

2 But there are lots of very cool features just below the surface – So fo example if you want to see someone’s profile you just touch the tweet. If you move your finger slightly to the right it brings up a host of other options such as retweet, favourite etc.

New for Tweetie 2 is a search facility at the top that looks through your recent tweets and cleverly responds to the letters you type in real time. Another neat new feature is that if you have new mentions or message (or just new tweets) the icons at the bottom glow blue.

3 It is among the first iphone apps with map based tweets – Twitter unveiled its Geolocation facilties a few weeks ago and Tweetie developers Atebit has added it as a last minute feature. It displays on a map where your local tweeters are and you can also chose to look at a feed of nearby tweets. It isn’t great for London, but could be very useful if you live in a smaller town.

4 There are lots of other handy facilities – You can see what the latest key trends are, post videos, support multiple accounts and view your tweets in landscape mode as well as standard portrait.

The only obvious thing that’s missing is a push option. Personally I would only use one if I could specify tweets from a few chosen people, but I am sure it something we will see on Tweetie 3. If you haven’t tried it then Tweetie 2 is a must for anyone with an iPhone who uses Twitter .

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