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arcam-irdock-wremotesmall.jpgArcam are getting pretty handy when it comes to making iPod accessories. The rDock was a nifty little docking station and was touted as “the first ever ‘audiophile’ dock for iPod”. This latest dock, the irDock, is set to build upon the solid foundations laid by its predecessor.

The irDock will feature a cast aluminium casing designed for RF shielding and stability, will work with any AV or Hi-Fi system, and will link up to a host of other Arcam products.

Out in November, you can pick up the Arcam irDock for £150.

Here is a full list of details:

  • Uses the iPod’s 30-pin line-out connector
  • Bypasses the headphone amp to achieve best quality
  • Built-in audio pre-amp with high performance op-amps
  • Audiophile-grade low-noise double-regulated power supplies
  • Highest quality line-level audio
  • Buffered RCA phono audio outputs enable audiophile cables to be used
  • Intelligent charge on/off control
  • Die-Cast Aluminium Anti-Vibration enclosure
  • Damped rubber base
  • Use Apple universal dock inserts supplied with all new iPods/Phones
  • Full iPod remote control using the supplied mini remote handset
  • Full iPod remote control with any Arcam System handset
  • Displays iPod music info on Solos, AVR500/600 receivers, AV888 pre-amp processor and the T32 Tuner.
  • S-Video and Composite video outputs to show photos or movies
  • Made For iPod
  • Use ‘Airplane’ mode on iPhone to prevent cellular chirps
  • Low noise power supply
  • Multi voltage international power supply
  • The best sound quality from any iPod dock under crazy money

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