Sennheiser's PC 300 G4ME do gaming and audio

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senn-pc-300-game-small.jpgSennheiser is to debut a pair of in-ear phones with a mic aimed at gamers who want a lightweight unit that is good for music too.

According to the maker the £69.99 PC 300 G4ME‘s in-ear design isolates annoying background noise meaning that the owner can concentrate on zapping extra-terrestrials or listening to tunes without distractions.

The unit includes a trio of soft silicone ear sleeves that come in different sizes. These apparently aren’t just about ensuring a snug fit but they also enhances the system’s bass performance

Other features include an Omni-Directional microphone for in-game communication, in-line volume control, a travel pouch and two metres of extension cable.

They will be available shortly.

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