Nokia twists again with the 7705. But no UK launch planned

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Nokia is clearly having a few issues stateside. The company which dominates much of the mobile world only a small percentage of the US market.

Nevertheless it has a cunning plan to woo the Yanks and that comes in the guise of the new Nokia 7705 Twist.

This is basically the Nokia swivel phone which was doing the rounds on the web a few months ago. Half the device features the screen, while the other sports the QWERTY keypad. To send text messages emails etc the user then just swivels the bottom of the phone round. Like every other handset at the moment the 7705 has apparently been designed with social networking in mind. That means you get Facebook etc already on board.

Another innovative feature is something called a ‘Contact Light Ring’ which flashes different colours depending on who is contacting you.

Other features are a bit more run of the including a three mega pixel camera, 2.4inch display, video, Bluetooth, a built-in mirror and a 2.5mm headset jack.

It goes on sale in the US via Verizon shortly, but so far no has no distribution in the UK.

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