Retro Friday – Keith Monks 60s style record cleaner the RUBY

Retro gear

Keith monks RUBY.jpg

Isn’t this cool? It is the RUBY, a limited edition new record cleaner from hi-fi pioneer Keith Monks Audio. Apparently forty years ago Mr Monks unveiled his first record cleaner and this mode, which is actually a tweaked version of the OMNI with a few added , and rather lovely retro style features added, is its direct descendant.

You place your vinyl in the machine and it uses cleaning liquid to keep it nice and pristine. It is also designed to make sure that none of that goo remains on the platter too. Important features include a new VacuGauge suction monitoring system, so users can keep a constant check on performance of the vacuum system.

Keith Monks son, Jonathan who runs the company now says “After 40 years we are delighted that my father’s work continues to be regarded as the state of the art in record care. The Ruby Anniversary now gives us the opportunity to realise another new set of useful features which I’ve been working on these past few years. Without doubt they make the RUBY a landmark product which perfectly reflects such a landmark event.”

It is a limited edition model with just 40 available for £3995 each.

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