Posterous ups the blogging ante

Web 2.0, Websites

posterous-screenshot-2.jpgOne of the big hits of 2009 as far as blogging is concerned has been Posterous. The easy peasy platform has won over both hardcore bloggers and newbies with its mix of a genius bookmarklet – that makes grabbing content from any web page a cinch – and the option of creating a post by email.

There are however several areas where Posterous is lagging behind its rivals and one of these was the ability to customise a blog layout. Up until last week every Posterous blog had the same layout and colour scheme. Well now Posterous users can add their banners, choose from different types of layout, adopt a theme and even create their own themes via HTML and CSS.

There are several other areas where Posterous needs to innovate to get ahead of its rivals, but for me at least it remains my favourite blogging platform.

Incidentally Posterous’ rivals haven’t been standing still. Typepad, which has been around for donkeys, recently added Posterous type features (the bookmarklet and posting by email) and we’ll look at this and see how it compares with Posterous and its rival Tumblr later this week.

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