Orange subscribers – will you be getting an iPhone?

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iphone-1.jpgBlimey, it is only 9am on Monday and yet we already have what is likely to be the week’s biggest mobile news – that the Apple iPhone is going Orange.

So what does this mean for Orange subscribers ? At present we have no details on when the phone is coming or how much Orange users will pay for it. However judging by the tweets we have seen already today that are a fair few Orange users who are very happy about the deal. A couple have even said that it means they will stay with Orange and not move to O2.

At the moment Orange’s arsenal of smartphones is good rather than great. There’s a good selection of Blackberrys including the Bold and the Curve, the HTC Hero, the Toshiba TG01 and Samsung’s high def video handset the i8910 HD. The Motorola Dext is also on its way too. However until the Dext arrives Orange is a bit short of a hero smartphone and the iPhone will certainly fit that bill.

So what do you think? Are you an Orange subscriber? Will you grab an iPhone?

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