How tech has become cool, says Superbrands


No surprises that the iPhone was voted coolest and most desirable brand in Britain, according to the CoolBrands annual survey announced yesterday. But what is surprising is just how far tech has come in terms of being seen as desirable.

Of the top 10 brands named in the list, all but one are from the world of tech including Blackberry, YouTube, Bang and Olufsen, Playstation, Nintendo as well as obviously Apple, the iPod and the iPhone. Aston Martin, last year’s number 1, slipped one place to number 2, while the next highest non-tech entries are, bizarrely, Tate Modern (12), Dom Perignon (13), Virgin Atlantic (14) and Ferrari (15).

Bad news for Facebook which dropped out the top 20 and Twitter which failed to make the top 20 but is listed in the top 500. Good news for the BBC iPlayer which is a new entry at Number 20.

The list is decided by an Expert Council as well as over 2,400 individual consumers accessed via a YouGov panel.

Cool Brands 2009/2010

1 iPhone
2 Aston Martin
3 Apple
4 iPod
5 Nintendo
6 YouTube
7 BlackBerry
8 Google
9 Bang & Olufsen
10 Playstation
11 Xbox
12 Tate Modern
13 Dom Perignon
14 Virgin Atlantic
15 Ferrari
16 Sony
17 Mini
18 Vivienne Westwood
19 Rolex
20 BBC iPlayer

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