Guardian paid for iPhone app on its way

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Share don’t think it is doing them a dis-service by saying that national newspapers are now desperately trying to discover new ways of making money online. Probably none more so than The Guardian, which has always been an online innovator and could quite frankly do with the cash.

So it isn’t a huge surprise to discover that the newspaper has a paid for iPhone app in the pipeline. The news was broken by the blog Paid Content, which is actually part of the Guardian Media group.

The Guardian’s Digital director Emily Bell told the blog. “It’s still in development, but we are working on an app which I can’t give you too much more detail on at the moment, although we are likely to charge.”

Apparently staff at the newspaper have been testing out the app and this was a confirmed by an errant tweet from a staffer.

It will be interesting to see what the app offers other than access to the newspaper. The Guardian could begin to slice up its content keeping most of it free but putting premium content – longer stories, interviews etc, behind a pay wall that only app owners could success.

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