Brizzly review – it is like the Twitter home page on steroids


Brizzly video.jpgTime was when if you wanted to access Twitter via the web as opposed to a downloadable app like Seesmic or Tweetdeck, then you had to go to the rather clunky and feature-poor Twitter home page.

Then Seesmic introduced a web based version of its system which makes Twitter look a bit like email yet surprisingly works very well. Now we have another new web based Twitter system but this one takes a totally different tack.

Brizzly has basically taken the Twitter home page and customised it by adding lots of cool features.

The big one, depending on how you use Twitter, is ether the option of creating groups or the ability to see images/videos in the feed. Taking the groups first this means that you can bring Twitter users together and place them in a group (work colleagues, old college mates, fellow Palm pre owners etc) and then view or hide them.

This is a core feature on many app based Twitter clients but is rare on web based ones. It is obviously very useful if the number of people you follow is starting to edge towards four figures.

Even cooler IMO is the way Brizzly embeds content, so for example if someone has the URL of a YouTube video in their tweet the video pops up in the Brizzly stream.

Another new feature is an explanation of trending topics, so you get an insight into the odd things that Americans are tweeting about.

There are several other tweaks too such as IM through Twitter messaging.

So will I be using it? Well I am, not waving goodbye to Tweetdeck just yet, but Brizzly is certainly an app to keep an eye on.

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