Radiopaq launches Custom Tuned Earphones for the iPhone

Headphones / Earphones

radiopaq earphones.jpgCan you optimise earphones to suit a certain type of music? Internet radio company Radiopaq thinks you can. It not long ago launched its Custom Tuned Earphones which it claims are configured to create a balanced reproduction of sound to suit the music you listen to. You choose the type of music you want to listen to – Rock, Jazz Classical or Pop – and then the earphones apparently make the most of the big warm sound (Rock) or the dynamic sharp experience (Pop) etc.

Now the earphones are available in a specific permutation for the iPhone and include an inline remote and microphone that allow users to answer phone calls when the music is playing. This is controlled by one button which switches the music on and off when the call comes in.
The microphone, which is constructed from metal, is also multi-directional so users don’t have to speak directly into it.

The earphones are £49.99 and are available now via Amazon and Radiopaq’s website.

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